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It’s time for the ultimate online Golf experience!

REDBOOKGOLF.CA, a partnership of the NGCOA Canada and Group Golf, is the most comprehensive golf marketing and distribution platform in the industry, designed to get golfers to your golf course to play more golf, more often.
Through coupons, flash sales, last-minute tee-times and promotional offers, your golf course gains visibility online and you will maximize your Google presence. Join us now!

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Increase your revenue by posting last-minute deals

Why not display your unoccupied tee times for the next day, at a discount? These are viewed by website visitors, and we email offers to REDBOOKGOLF.CA members located in your region. This is wonderful way to introduce your course to new customers, and monetize your unsold tee times without devaluing your golf course and the golf experience you offer.


Attract golfers with exclusive promotional offers

REDBOOKGOLF provides you with a site to offer online coupons that help you reach potential golfers. The coupons can be downloaded for free by golfers. Attract regular as well as occasional golfers. Fill your tee sheet through coupons that are devised by you. What’s more, new coupons each month will pique the interest of your golfing audience throughout the season.


Book tee times online

Our site's pre-booking service allows golfers to book tee times up to 7 days or more in advance and guarantees no over-bookings thanks to a backend tee sheet application.

What does this mean for you? Fill up your tee sheet with pre-paid rounds, which are transferred directly to your account, without having to worry about no shows. Why not even add a premium during the high season?


Sell golf year-round

Thanks to our easy e-commerce system, you can sell golf packages and gift certificates, promote green fee deals and special event offers 24/7.REDBOOKGOLF.CA lets you to sell golf year-round. Target holidays such as Christmas, Mother's Day or Father's Day, and generate revenues during otherwise down periods.


Reach golfers everywhere!

REDBOOKGOLF.CA gets the word out: e-blasts are sent to our registered golfers whenever you choose to add new coupons, e-commerce promotions, last-minute or advance-booking offers to your webpage.

Why should you join REDBOOKGOLF?

Aside from being a comprehensive, dynamic and secure platform for your online business, REDBOOKGOLF.CA reflects the needs and goals of individual golf courses. You control your offers and receive the revenue, while protecting the image and appeal of your course.

REDBOOKGOLF.CA is a initiative of Group Golf and NGCOA. Make the best of all that REDBOOKGOLF.CA has to offer and make sure your course is part of this great marketing tool!

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