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Group Golf works exclusively in golf and golf course marketing. Founded in 2012, as a partnership between two enthusiastic golfers, one the owner of two Quebec golf courses, the other a marketing expert, Group Golf offers turnkey solutions to enable golf course owners to apply e-commerce strategies to attract golfing customers. Our goal is to increase golf course revenues and sell golf 24/7.

Our expanding services reflect the needs of the golf industry. The 2015 launch of RedBook Golf, a single Canada wide online marketing and distribution platform, in collaboration with NGCOA Canada, offers golfers the most comprehensive portal in the Canadian golf industry. By centralizing Canadian golf courses on one portal, the golfing public is offered choice, timeliness, efficiency, and savings, while golf courses are introduced to wider publics in their regions and across the country.

Why should you do business with us?

  • 1. We focus on golf. Group Golf works exclusively in golf and golf course marketing so we are the best at what we do.
  • 2. We know the game. Groupe Golf's owner is the head of 2 golf courses. We understand what owners need to succeed in this competitive business.
  • 3. We have the tools. With RedBookGolf, GGWeb, GGMail, GGBrand and GGCam, we give you the tools to bring more golfers to your course.

What Can Group Golf Do For You?

Bring more golfers to your course

Thanks to our team of experts, we will increase the number of golfers on your course through an efficient online strategy.

Build a strong online presence

With e-commerce promotions and packages, a brand new website and an engaged Facebook page, you'll be everywhere on the Web!

Book golf online year-round

With the help of Redbook Golf, it has never been easier to sell packages, book tee-times and accept online payments all year long.

Reach out to new customers

Through your Facebook page and GGMail email marketing, you will open up new communication channels with potential customers.

Why Do Group Golf's Services Work so Well?

Group Golf Services are comprehensive and dynamic with one goal: results!

Group Golf Services are integrated: they work together and complement each other. Lead golfers to your golf course using up to date, online, all-in-one access; anywhere, anytime. We not only produce results for your golf course, Group Golf measures these results, so you know what works and what doesn’t; what are strengths and what can be tweaked for better results. Learn more:

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